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A tasty, timeless classic – Who doesn’t love ice cream?

Boozy - a revolutionary semi-automatic ice cream machine that masterfully combines the timeless joy of ice cream with the exciting allure of alcohol-infused flavors.

Crafted exclusively for bars, this innovative creation guarantees an unparalleled experience by producing velvety, decadent ice cream infused with a curated selection of premium spirits.

The semi-automatic functionality ensures a smooth operation, empo-wering bartenders to effortlessly craft these exquisite treats for discerning patrons.

Elevate your establish-ment's ambiance with the tantali-zing fusion of flavors, transfor-ming your bar into the ultimate destination for an unforgettab-le and indulgent taste sensa-tion.

1 Flavor (30+ Options)

2 Toppings

2 Syrups


1800 Watts, 110V/60Hz


L: 37 x W:15.9 x H: 37.2 inch


Automatic pasteurization, touch screen, tracking app, cabinet table and mor

Production Speed

20 sec


Can produce up to 100 ice cream’s with each filling.

Payment System

Option to connect a credit device / card reader or pay by Barcode

Our Customers Succeed

Materials Required

1 flavors ice cream powder or liquid mixture

2 kinds of toppings

2 kinds sauces

7oz paper cup

Why Sweet Robo?

The Quality

We've invested significantly in crafting a machine of unparalleled quality. Attention has been paid to the smallest details, from the external build to the internal components, ensuring optimal performance. Leveraging advanced technology and high-quality materials, we proudly guarantee a machine that operates smoothly with minimal issues, making it a dependable and long-term investment for your business.

American Company

Sweet Robo is an American-based company that stands behind every machine with a robust warranty and a reputation for long-term reliability, giving you peace of mind with your investment.

Technical Support

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we offer round-the-clock customer service and technical support through a wide array of channels—chatbots, video calls, Telegram, and email. Furthermore, we ensure quick shipping of any required spare parts, so your operations are never interrupted for long.

The Design

Our visually stunning design isn't just about aesthetics; it's a strategic asset protected by the highest level of copyright. This magnetic appeal serves as a customer magnet, drawing attention and inviting interaction, making each machine a focal point wherever it's placed

The App

Manage your vending machine effortlessly with our sophisticated tracking application. It features a wide range of functionalities, including a detailed sales history, statistical analysis, real-time alerts about the machine's status, remote control capabilities, a materials store, technical support, and many other features that help you optimize your business.

The Technology

Pioneering in technology, our machines incorporate numerous patented innovations aimed at maximizing performance and reliability. These advanced technologies ensure accuracy in vending, create an engaging user experience, and contribute to the machine's trouble-free operation.

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