Business Model

Curious about owning your first business? Looking for a new business venture that’ll supercharge your revenue?

SweetRobo is for you.

Kickstart a sleek, dazzling new business with little to no startup capital. Our business model is designed to increase your revenue in the most cost-effective, low-maintenance fashion possible. Malls, arcades, movie theaters and restaurants are among just a few possible locations to let your new machine’s success soar.


Brick and Mortar- renting or owning a shop.


Tasting the Future- a new generation for specialized vending.

Professional Model

SweetRobo is the next business venture you’ve been looking for. The combined benefits of attractive design, low maintenance & operating costs and eliminating payroll make it an investment opportunity too sweet to pass up. Whether it’s an existing business in the food, event or entertainment industry or a new business yet to be seen, our products will supercharge your revenue.


The food industry is massive, but requires a tremendous amount of operating costs, overhead and taking risks. The predominant allure of automation is that it eliminates the problem of human error– employers constantly have to contend with hiring risks, HR and especially payroll. It’s incredibly costly to operate a business even with the most skilled, trustworthy employees, nevermind one with employees that require extensive training, background checks or who may be otherwise unreliable. Payroll in the food industry accounts for 30-35% of all revenue, which means significantly less money in your pocket, even if business is running smoothly.

SweetRobo’s machines are powered purely by robotic innovation, cutting out the need for a human operator altogether and ensuring instant, massive returns on one’s investment. Our machines need only to be refilled with our materials, and will generate hundreds and hundreds of sales before then.


SweetRobo also addresses the issues with food service in the entertainment, event and vending industries. The entertainment industry is massive in the United States, generating tens of billions of dollars a year, and food/refreshments are a necessary component of any recreational center, theme park, arcade, etc. The problem lies in that these locations are not designed to specialize in food, and they don’t want to expend unnecessary resources in this area, since food is not the main attraction. As such, refreshments at many of these locations suffer in quality and variety. Think about the popcorn machines at movie theaters or the pre-made sticks of cotton candy at fairs– who knows how long ago these refreshments were made? SweetRobo’s treats are fresh and made-to-order every time. We offer increased revenue for these centers without the hiring costs of employees, and ensure a consistent level of freshness, quality and variety with every purchase.