Cotton Candy VX

Flavors and shapes galore, oh my! Witness a simple, timeless treat transformed with the precision and sophistication made possible by robotics– our Cotton Candy Machine VX is as innovative as it is enchanting.

Customers have never seen cotton candy like this before. Carnival or amusement park cotton candy simply can’t compete with our fresh, exciting take on it– our made-to-order, customized treats are a work of art! Backed by the power of robotic innovation, customers get to witness their tasty treat being spun and formed into dazzling shapes right before their eyes.

Choose from 6 flavors and over a hundred shapes on our selection menu, then watch your vision come to life through the display window. Our sophisticated robotic arm takes a fresh paper stick and spins different sugars to build flavorful layers to your confectionery treat, then shapes it into your selected design.

Our machines are designed to be fun and futuristic in appearance– our colorful, attractive designs are guaranteed to spark curiosity in whoever passes by! Perfect for malls, arcades, amusement parks, kid’s stores, restaurants and anywhere with high foot traffic. Our Cotton Candy Machine VX delivers made-to-order specialty sweets with the same ease and convenience a traditional vending machine allows, except we’ve turned ‘vending’ into a truly captivating experience.

6 Different Colors

2 Types of Toppings

30 different shapes

Hundreds of combinations

Cotton Candy V1 Event

Inventory Required

6 Flavors of Sugar

Paper cotton candy sticks.

Rather than requiring a human operator, a cotton candy vending machine dispenses the timeless, crowd-pleasing treats automatically. Most are equipped with a warming deck to keep the sugar at an optimal temperature, while a spinning head turns the raw sugar materials into the fluffy, decadent sweet we all know and love. An automated Cotton Candy vending machine will use some degree of robotic technology to turn a paper stick into a complete, finished product.


The predominant allure of automation is that it cuts out the need for human operators. This means saying goodbye to payroll and human error altogether, allowing for a significantly higher profit margin. Our Cotton Candy Vending Machine is colorfully designed to be as eye-catching as possible, and provides a one-of-a-kind novelty to spaces that have never offered anything like it. Additionally, it’s a delightful treat that’s harder to find than your typical convenience store sweets and candy, and the rarity makes it all the more irresistible!

One of the benefits of a unique, automated vendor like our Cotton Candy Vending Machine is that it can function as a small business in itself, or be used within an existing business to draw in new customers and bolster revenue. Our Cotton Candy Vending Machine is perfect for malls, busy shopping centers, boardwalks, casinos, movie theaters and more, but it can be integrated within restaurants, stores and other small businesses to increase existing profits, too.


Our Cotton Candy Vending Machine is designed to eliminate labor costs and provide a fun, easy, attractive source of income for you. It’s easy to maintain, simple to operate, and provides a variety of customization options. Our Cotton Candy machine allows customers to enjoy their favorite treat in mind-boggling 3D shapes with up to 3 layers of different colors and flavors. Watch our little, hardworking robots bring your 3D vision to life through our large display window– customers will watch in awe witnessing their cotton candy formed to perfection!

Our dedicated team has extensive experience with robotics, intelligent and attractive design, customer service and business consultation. You’ll have the assurance that your new investment is protected by our no-fault 1-year warranty, and that our stellar technical support team is here for all of your needs, 24 hours a day. With a comprehensive mobile tracking app, management tools and business strategy available to you, you’ll know that our top priority is positioning you for success.


Definitely. We’re always thrilled to receive feedback from our satisfied customers, many of whom have demonstrated just how many different use-cases there are for our machines. We’ve asked a few of them to track their profit increases and provide additional insights since implementing one of our machines in a business or public space:

  • In 2022, a small business owner in Massachusetts rented two of his new Cotton Candy Vending Machines to the local fair for the 2 weeks it was in town. He reported that the two machines brought in more revenue in those two weeks than his bakery did in two months!
  • A church in Tennessee outside of Memphis held their yearly fundraiser in November 2022, where they set up at least a dozen different booths selling clothing, baked goods and more. One churchgoer used their Cotton Candy Vending Machine at the fundraiser, and raised more money than any of the other vendors!
  • A small business owner for a kid’s clothing store in North Carolina purchased a Cotton Candy Vending Machine to place inside her storefront, and within the first 3 months, she reported nearly a 30% increase in profits and almost a 45% increase in foot traffic, saying the kids at nearby schools started pestering their parents to take them!


How does it operate? 

One of our little in-machine robots takes a fresh paper stick and begins spinning the first layer of your cotton candy creation, then the second, then the third, all while a secondary skilled, robotic arm forms your sweet treat into your desired shape. After it’s complete, it’ll gently dispense your confectionary work of art for your enjoyment!

How many color and shape combinations are possible? Can I use any type of sugar?

Our machines use 10 different flavorful colors and offer 30 possible 3D shapes, allowing for thousands of possible, unique combinations! Only designated cotton candy sugar is compatible with these machines– any other type of sugar may cause machine damage.

How much space is required to place one of these machines?

Not much. Our Cotton Candy Vending Machine is about 4.6 x 2.5 x 6.6 feet, making it compact and easy to place just about anywhere.

How much does one cost?

Our V2 Cotton Candy Vending Machine costs $13,000, and should pay for itself within the first couple months of operation.

How easy is it to maintain?

Super easy! Our comprehensive tracking app sends real-time updates about maintenance, refills, technical errors, sales and security footage right to your mobile device. Physical cleaning of the machine is done gently, and only requires a soft cloth and warm, soapy water.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with us to discuss your business needs, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. From training, business strategy and even finding the right location for your machine, we’re here for you every step of the way.


“Really fun product. I bought an old bar last year and refurbished it, and was caught between deciding on getting a photo booth or this futuristic Cotton Candy machine. So glad I went with SweetRobo– my customers love it and take pictures with their cotton candy all the time.” -Jack, bar owner in Massachusetts

“This is the vending machine all of my clients ask to rent. I’m about to order another.” -Leanne, private event planner in California

“SweetRobo helped me work out a rental contract at my town’s mall, and my Cotton Candy Vending Machine keeps making consistent sales, week after week. I’m blown away by how easy the entire process was.” -Sam, entrepreneur in Arizona