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A tasty, timeless classic – Who doesn’t love ice cream?

 A decadent treat that’s so popular, it sells year-round, even in the winter. Considering how much of a major crowd-pleaser it is, it’s not hard to imagine the buzz, excitement and intrigue that our Ice Cream Robot will generate. Witness our adorable little robots take a fresh ice cream cup and move along a track inside the machine, diligently creating your fresh, made-to-order ice cream, complete with the syrup and topping of your choice. Kids, teens, adults and grandparents will be delighted and dazzled to see the powers of robotic innovation hard at work to dispense their personalized ice cream creations. Customers can select between 3 flavors, 3 syrups and 3 toppings for dozens of possible combinations. Precise, reliable and free of human error, you’ll quickly see how traditional ice cream sales are a thing of the past!

Our machines are designed to be fun and futuristic in appearance. Our top-notch team creates colorful, attractive designs that are guaranteed to pique the curiosity of whoever passes by. Perfect for malls, arcades, amusement parks, kid’s stores, restaurants and more– just about anywhere with high foot traffic! You’ll be delivering made-to-order specialty sweets to every customer with the same ease and convenience a traditional vending machine allows, only with us, you’ll also be delivering a truly captivating experience. Our machines are completely user-friendly, can be operated by anyone, and are equipped with the following features:

3 Flavors

2 Mix Flavors

3 Toppings

3 Syrups


220V - 6000W


L4.82 * W4.72 * 8.53 ft | L1.47 * W1.3 * 2.6 m


Security camera, sensors, sound system, touch screen, tracking app, and more

Production Speed

50 seconds per ice cream


Can produce up to 200 ice cream’s with each filling.

Payment System

Includes a bill acceptor, Nayax credit card reader, and coin changer.

Our Customers Succeed

Materials Required

3 flavors ice cream powder or liquid mixture

3 kinds of toppings

3 kinds of syrups

7oz paper cup

Why Sweet Robo?

The Quality

We've invested significantly in crafting a machine of unparalleled quality. Attention has been paid to the smallest details, from the external build to the internal components, ensuring optimal performance. Leveraging advanced technology and high-quality materials, we proudly guarantee a machine that operates smoothly with minimal issues, making it a dependable and long-term investment for your business.

American Company

Sweet Robo is an American-based company that stands behind every machine with a robust warranty and a reputation for long-term reliability, giving you peace of mind with your investment.

Technical Support

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we offer round-the-clock customer service and technical support through a wide array of channels—chatbots, video calls, Telegram, and email. Furthermore, we ensure quick shipping of any required spare parts, so your operations are never interrupted for long.

The Design

Our visually stunning design isn't just about aesthetics; it's a strategic asset protected by the highest level of copyright. This magnetic appeal serves as a customer magnet, drawing attention and inviting interaction, making each machine a focal point wherever it's placed

The App

Manage your vending machine effortlessly with our sophisticated tracking application. It features a wide range of functionalities, including a detailed sales history, statistical analysis, real-time alerts about the machine's status, remote control capabilities, a materials store, technical support, and many other features that help you optimize your business.

The Technology

Pioneering in technology, our machines incorporate numerous patented innovations aimed at maximizing performance and reliability. These advanced technologies ensure accuracy in vending, create an engaging user experience, and contribute to the machine's trouble-free operation.

Our Ice Cream Robot is a high-tech marvel that doesn’t just serve ice cream; it creates it from scratch! Using an intuitive touch screen, you can choose from a variety of flavors, toppings, and add-ons to customize your perfect frozen treat.

The real magic unfolds as our robot takes your selections and performs the entire ice cream-making process right before your eyes. From mixing flavors to adding toppings, it’s a captivating show that ends with your very own, freshly-made ice cream masterpiece.

It’s more than dessert; it’s a futuristic ice cream experience that’s as delicious as it is entertaining!

Experience the future of ice cream with our captivating Ice Cream Robot. Say goodbye to human operators and hello to higher profits and zero human error. Our eye-catching robot is a novelty addition to any space, making you an innovator wherever you choose to place it.

Our unique automated vendor can stand alone as a small business or enhance existing ones by attracting new customers and boosting revenue. Ideal for malls, shopping centers, boardwalks, casinos, and more, our Ice Cream Robot can seamlessly integrate into restaurants, stores, and small businesses to maximize profits.

Our experienced team combines robotics, innovative design, customer service, and business consulting to ensure your investment’s success. You’re covered by our no-fault 1-year warranty, and our responsive 24/7 technical support is at your service.

With our mobile tracking app, management tools, and strategic guidance, we’re dedicated to positioning you for success. Your goals are our top priority!

Elevate Your Business with Cotton Candy Innovation
Discover the future of cotton candy with our automated vending machine. Designed to boost your profits while eliminating labor costs, our machine is a smart investment for any business.

Effortless Operation and Maintenance
Operate the machine with ease and keep it running smoothly with straightforward maintenance. Spend more time delighting customers and less time worrying about upkeep.

Endless Creativity at Your Fingertips
Our machine offers endless customization options, allowing customers to enjoy cotton candy in mesmerizing 3D shapes with multiple colors and flavors. Watch as our robots craft these delectable treats through the large display window, captivating your customers.

Expertise and Support
Our dedicated team brings expertise in robotics, design, customer service, and business consultation. Enjoy peace of mind with our no-fault 1-year warranty and 24/7 technical support.

Tools for Success
Access our mobile tracking app, management tools, and expert business strategies to position yourself for success.

Case Study 1: Mall Marvel

In a Northern California shopping mall, the Ice Cream Robot made a grand entrance. In just six months, it turned an ordinary food court into a bustling hub, attracting 15 times more customers. Hundreds gathered daily, captivated by the robot’s ice cream magic.

Case Study 2: Park Sensation

An amusement park in Florida needed a showstopper, and the Ice Cream Robot delivered. Sales surged by 65% within a month. Crowds flocked to witness the robot’s ice cream artistry, turning the park into an enchanting wonderland.

Case Study 3: NYC’s Neighborhood Hero

In the heart of New York City, a convenience store became a local hero with the Ice Cream Robot. Foot traffic rose by 20% in two months, thanks to the robot’s charm. Word of mouth turned it into a beloved neighborhood gathering spot.

Q1: How does the Ice Cream Robot operate?

A1: Our friendly robot takes a fresh paper cup and moves along a track, filling it with your choice of ice cream base, followed by your desired syrup and toppings before gently serving the final product for your enjoyment.

Q2: How many flavor options are available?

A2: Our machines can hold up to 3 flavors, 3 toppings, and 3 syrups or sauces, offering a variety of flavor combinations for you to enjoy.

Q3: How much space is needed to place the Ice Cream Robot?

A3: The Ice Cream Robot is designed to be compact, measuring approximately 4.8 x 4.2 x 8.5 feet, making it suitable for placement in various locations.


Q4: Is maintenance easy?

A4: Absolutely! Our comprehensive tracking app provides real-time updates about maintenance, refills, technical errors, sales, and security footage directly to your mobile device. Physical cleaning of the machine is a breeze and requires only a soft cloth and warm, soapy water.

Q5: How do I get started with the Ice Cream Robot for my business?

A5: To get started, simply get in touch with us to discuss your business needs, and we’ll promptly respond. We offer support at every step, from training and business strategy to finding the ideal location for your Ice Cream Robot. We’re here to help you make your ice cream venture a success!

“I was blown away by how quickly my customers flocked to this machine. Kids wouldn’t stop pestering their parents to buy them a SweetRobo ice cream. I have customers that come in just for the ice cream now!” – Rosie, owner of a pizza shop in Connecticut

“I was unsure at first about how well this machine would do in a movie theater already filled with all sorts of sweet snacks, but in the first month I noticed almost everyone was grabbing an ice cream before their movie started. It was amazing to see how quickly this machine started paying for itself.” – Terrence, owner of a small theater in Oregon

“I work full-time and have 3 kids at home, and am always looking for a way to make extra cash on the side that isn’t going to be super time-consuming. I bought an Ice Cream Robot and worked out a contract with a local shopping center, and now I basically run my own business without having to be there more than once every couple weeks. It’s great!” – Tina, a regional sales manager in Texas

“I’ve been in the vending machine business for years, and it’s a great way to make passive income. I haven’t had sales like I’ve had with SweetRobo, though… their machines blow my others out of the water. You can get a soda anywhere, but you can’t get an ice cream prepared by a robot anywhere else!” – Fred, vending proprietor in New York

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