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A tasty, timeless classic– who doesn’t love ice cream? A decadent treat that’s so popular, it sells year-round, even in the winter. Considering how much of a major crowd-pleaser it is, it’s not hard to imagine the buzz, excitement and intrigue that our Ice Cream Robot will generate. Witness our adorable little robots take a fresh ice cream cup and move along a track inside the machine, diligently creating your fresh, made-to-order ice cream, complete with the syrup and topping of your choice. Kids, teens, adults and grandparents will be delighted and dazzled to see the powers of robotic innovation hard at work to dispense their personalized ice cream creations. Customers can select between 3 flavors, 3 syrups and 3 toppings for dozens of possible combinations. Precise, reliable and free of human error, you’ll quickly see how traditional ice cream sales are a thing of the past!

Our machines are designed to be fun and futuristic in appearance. Our top-notch team creates colorful, attractive designs that are guaranteed to pique the curiosity of whoever passes by. Perfect for malls, arcades, amusement parks, kid’s stores, restaurants and more– just about anywhere with high foot traffic! You’ll be delivering made-to-order specialty sweets to every customer with the same ease and convenience a traditional vending machine allows, only with us, you’ll also be delivering a truly captivating experience. Our machines are completely user-friendly, can be operated by anyone, and are equipped with the following features:

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Inventory Required

3 flavors ice cream powder or liquid mixture

3 kinds of toppings

3 kinds sauces

7oz paper cup

Our Ice Cream Robot is a customizable, automated dispenser of ice cream powered by our unique robotic technology. With an intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen that guides you through the selection process, users can enjoy endless combinations of flavors and toppings, all while getting to witness the dazzling preparation from start to finish. Select your flavors, toppings and other add-ons, and watch our beloved little robot bring your creation to life.


The predominant allure of automation is that it cuts out the need for human operators. This means saying goodbye to payroll and human error altogether, allowing for a significantly higher profit margin. Our Ice Cream Robot is designed to be eye-catching, and provides a one-of-a-kind novelty to spaces that have never offered anything like it. Wherever you decide to place your new Ice Cream Robot, you’ll be an innovator!

One of the benefits of a unique, automated vendor like our Ice Cream Robot and cotton candy machine for sale is that it can function as a small business in itself, or be used within an existing business to draw in new customers and bolster revenue. Our Ice Cream Robot is perfect for malls, busy shopping centers, boardwalks, casinos, movie theaters and more, but it can be integrated within restaurants, stores and other small businesses to increase existing profits, too.

Our Ice Cream Robot and ice cream vending machine for sale is designed to eliminate labor costs and provide a fun, easy, attractive source of income for you. It’s easy to maintain, simple to operate, and seriously– who doesn’t love ice cream?

Our dedicated team has extensive experience with robotics, intelligent and attractive design, customer service and business consultation. You’ll have the assurance that your new investment is protected by our no-fault 1-year warranty, and that our stellar technical support team is here for all of your needs, 24 hours a day. With a comprehensive mobile tracking app, management tools and business strategy available to you, you’ll know that our top priority is positioning you for success.

Yep! We’re proud to receive feedback from our satisfied customers, many of whom have demonstrated just how many different use-cases there are for our machines. We’ve asked a few of them to track their profit increases and provide additional insights since implementing one of our machines in a business or public space:

  • A small shopping mall in Northern California placed one of our Ice Cream Robots in the food court. Over the course of 6 months, security camera footage on the machine recorded a 15-fold increase in customers from the time it was placed, and noted hundreds of daily passersby who stopped to check out the machine in detail!
  • An amusement park in Florida was looking to add a snack vendor with a ‘wow’ factor to increase overall profits, and placed an Ice Cream Robot in the center of the park. Within the first month, sales increased by 65%, and security camera footage, once again, noted hundreds of curious passersby who stopped to check the machine out in detail.


  • A convenience store in NYC added an Ice Cream Robot to turn a higher profit, and the store proprietor told us that foot traffic in the store increased by at least 20% in the first two months, likely from word of mouth in the neighborhood. He additionally reported an overall profit increase of 15% in the first month.


How does it operate?

Our friendly robot takes a fresh paper cup and moves slowly along the track, filling it with the ice cream base of your choice, followed by your desired syrup and toppings before gently dispensing the final product for your enjoyment.

How many flavors are possible?

Our machines can hold 3 flavors, 3 toppings and 3 syrups/sauces of your choice!


How much space is required to place one of these machines?

Our Ice Cream Robot is about 4.8 x 4.2 x 8.5 feet, so not much. Our machines are designed to be compact for easy placement just about anywhere.


How much does one cost?

An Ice Cream Robot costs $18,000, and should pay for itself within the first few months of operation.


Just how easy is it to maintain?

Super easy! Our comprehensive tracking app sends real-time updates about maintenance, refills, technical errors, sales and security footage right to your mobile device. Physical cleaning of the machine is done gently, and only requires a soft cloth and warm, soapy water.


How do I get started?

Get in touch with us to discuss your business needs, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. From training, business strategy and even finding the right location for your machine, we’re here for you every step of the way.


“I was blown away by how quickly my customers flocked to this machine. Kids wouldn’t stop pestering their parents to buy them a SweetRobo ice cream. I have customers that come in just for the ice cream now!” -Rosie, owner of a pizza shop in Connecticut


“I was unsure at first about how well this machine would do in a movie theater already filled with all sorts of sweet snacks, but in the first month I noticed almost everyone was grabbing an ice cream before their movie started. It was amazing to see how quickly this machine started paying for itself.” -Terrence, owner of a small theater in Oregon


“I work full-time and have 3 kids at home, and am always looking for a way to make extra cash on the side that isn’t going to be super time-consuming. I bought an Ice Cream Robot and worked out a contract with a local shopping center, and now I basically run my own business without having to be there more than once every couple weeks. It’s great!” -Tina, a regional sales manager in Texas


“I’ve been in the vending machine business for years, and it’s a great way to make passive income. I haven’t had sales like I’ve had with SweetRobo, though… their machines blow my others out of the water. You can get a soda anywhere, but you can’t get an ice cream prepared by a robot anywhere else!” -Fred, vending proprietor in New York