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Mr. Pop - Lollipop Vending Machine

The Magical Lollipop Machine!

Mr. Pop is a compact Roulette style lollipop machine specializing in robot-shaped treats. Its small size and hassle-free operation make it a perfect addition for any store or business, whether you're embarking on a new venture or enhancing an existing establishment.

The machine adds excitement with its interactive spinning wheel feature. When a button is pressed, the wheel stops to reveal how many lollipops the customer will receive, turning each purchase into a delightful adventure. More than just a vending machine, Mr. Pop creates moments of joy and wonder, captivating young customers and making each experience memorable. It's not just about the candy; it's about the magic it brings.

Mr. Pop is more than a source of entertainment; it's a smart business investment. Its ability to attract and engage customers contributes to impressive profit margins. Suitable for both high-traffic areas and local small businesses, Mr. Pop is a versatile, revenue-generating addition that complements any setting.

Contains 150 lollipops

Hundreds of combinations

30 different

6 Different

2 Types of

3 Types of Lollipop Robots

Roulette Style, Win 1-5 Lollipops

Music and

Sound and Robotic Voice

Check Out Our Different Shapes Of Cotton Candy


110V - 50W


Height: 5.14ft x Width: 2.33ft x Depth: 2.68ft | 157cm x 71cm x 82cm


Control the settings of winning chances and playing time.

Production Speed

20 seconds per game


Up to 150 Lollipops

Payment System

Includes a bill acceptor OR Nayax credit card reader OR coins OR Game Card (1 only)

Our Customers Succeed

Materials Required

6 Flavors of Sugar

Paper cotton candy sticks.

2 Types of Topping

Why Sweet Robo?

The Quality

We've invested significantly in crafting a machine of unparalleled quality. Attention has been paid to the smallest details, from the external build to the internal components, ensuring optimal performance. Leveraging advanced technology and high-quality materials, we proudly guarantee a machine that operates smoothly with minimal issues, making it a dependable and long-term investment for your business.

American Company

Sweet Robo is an American-based company that stands behind every machine with a robust warranty and a reputation for long-term reliability, giving you peace of mind with your investment.

Technical Support

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we offer round-the-clock customer service and technical support through a wide array of channels—chatbots, video calls, Telegram, and email. Furthermore, we ensure quick shipping of any required spare parts, so your operations are never interrupted for long.

The Design

Our visually stunning design isn't just about aesthetics; it's a strategic asset protected by the highest level of copyright. This magnetic appeal serves as a customer magnet, drawing attention and inviting interaction, making each machine a focal point wherever it's placed

The App

Manage your vending machine effortlessly with our sophisticated tracking application. It features a wide range of functionalities, including a detailed sales history, statistical analysis, real-time alerts about the machine's status, remote control capabilities, a materials store, technical support, and many other features that help you optimize your business.

The Technology

Pioneering in technology, our machines incorporate numerous patented innovations aimed at maximizing performance and reliability. These advanced technologies ensure accuracy in vending, create an engaging user experience, and contribute to the machine's trouble-free operation.

A cotton candy vending machine operates automatically, without the need for a human operator. It typically includes a warming deck to maintain the sugar at the right temperature. Inside the machine, a spinning head transforms the raw sugar materials into the beloved fluffy cotton candy. Robotic technology is used to craft the cotton candy onto a paper stick, creating a finished product ready to be enjoyed.

Embracing automation means saying goodbye to payroll expenses and human error, paving the way for a substantially increased profit margin. Our eye-catching Cotton Candy Vending Machine offers a unique novelty that stands out in various settings, providing a rare and delightful treat not commonly found in convenience stores. Whether you’re looking to start a standalone business or enhance an existing one, our automated Cotton Candy Vending Machine is versatile and perfect for malls, shopping centers, boardwalks, casinos, theaters, restaurants, and stores, helping you maximize your profits.

Elevate Your Business with Cotton Candy Innovation
Discover the future of cotton candy with our automated vending machine. Designed to boost your profits while eliminating labor costs, our machine is a smart investment for any business.

Effortless Operation and Maintenance
Operate the machine with ease and keep it running smoothly with straightforward maintenance. Spend more time delighting customers and less time worrying about upkeep.

Endless Creativity at Your Fingertips
Our machine offers endless customization options, allowing customers to enjoy cotton candy in mesmerizing 3D shapes with multiple colors and flavors. Watch as our robots craft these delectable treats through the large display window, captivating your customers.

Expertise and Support
Our dedicated team brings expertise in robotics, design, customer service, and business consultation. Enjoy peace of mind with our no-fault 1-year warranty and 24/7 technical support.

Tools for Success
Access our mobile tracking app, management tools, and expert business strategies to position yourself for success.

We’re always delighted to receive feedback from our satisfied customers, and their success stories highlight the versatility and profitability of our Cotton Candy Vending Machines. Here are a few real-life examples of how our machines have made a significant impact:

  1. Local Fair Triumph in Massachusetts (2022):
    One small business owner in Massachusetts rented two of our Cotton Candy Vending Machines for a local fair that lasted just two weeks. To his amazement, these two machines generated more revenue during those two weeks than his bakery typically earned in two entire months!

  1. Memorable Fundraiser in Tennessee (November 2022):
    A church outside of Memphis, Tennessee, organized their annual fundraiser in November 2022, featuring a variety of booths selling different items. One churchgoer decided to incorporate our Cotton Candy Vending Machine into their setup, and the results were astounding. This single machine outperformed all other vendors, significantly boosting their fundraising efforts.

  1. Kid’s Clothing Store Success in North Carolina:
    A small business owner running a kid’s clothing store in North Carolina decided to install a Cotton Candy Vending Machine inside her storefront. Within the first three months, she reported an impressive nearly 30% increase in profits and an astonishing 45% boost in foot traffic. It turns out that nearby schools’ kids were persuading their parents to visit the store for this delightful treat, demonstrating the machine’s magnetic appeal to young customers.

These real-world success stories showcase how our Cotton Candy Vending Machines can not only boost revenue but also draw in enthusiastic customers, making them a valuable addition to businesses and public spaces. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your business’s profitability and customer engagement with our eye-catching and profitable machines!

Our Cotton Candy Vending Machine is a marvel of automation. One of our adorable in-machine robots takes a fresh paper stick and expertly spins layer upon layer of your cotton candy creation. Simultaneously, a secondary skilled robotic arm sculpts your sweet treat into the desired shape. Once complete, your confectionary masterpiece is gently dispensed for your enjoyment.

How Many Color and Shape Combinations Are Possible? Can I Use Any Type of Sugar
You’ll be amazed by the possibilities! Our machines offer 10 vibrant and flavorful colors, and you can choose from 30 incredible 3D shapes. This combination opens the door to thousands of unique and delightful creations. Please note that only designated cotton candy sugar is compatible with our machines to ensure optimal performance and prevent any potential damage.

How Much Space Is Required to Place One of These Machines?
Our Cotton Candy Vending Machine is designed to fit seamlessly into various spaces. It measures approximately 4.6 x 2.5 x 6.6 feet, making it compact and easy to position in your chosen location.

How Much Does One Cost?
The best part is that the profit generated by our machines is so impressive that your initial investment can be recouped within just a couple of months of operation. It’s an investment that pays off quickly.

How Easy Is It to Maintain?
Maintaining our machines is a breeze. Our comprehensive tracking app keeps you informed with real-time updates on maintenance, refills, technical issues, sales, and even provides security footage directly to your mobile device. Physical cleaning is gentle and straightforward, requiring only a soft cloth and warm, soapy water.

How Do I Get Started?
Getting started with our Cotton Candy Vending Machine is a simple and rewarding journey. Contact us to discuss your unique business needs, and we’ll respond promptly. We offer comprehensive support, including training, business strategy guidance, and assistance in finding the perfect location for your machine. We’re with you every step of the way on your path to sweet success.

“Really fun product. I bought an old bar last year and refurbished it, and was caught between deciding on getting a photo booth or this futuristic Cotton Candy machine. So glad I went with SweetRobo– my customers love it and take pictures with their cotton candy all the time.” – Jack, bar owner in Massachusetts

“This is the vending machine all of my clients ask to rent. I’m about to order another.” – Leanne, private event planner in California

“SweetRobo helped me work out a rental contract at my town’s mall, and my Cotton Candy Vending Machine keeps making consistent sales, week after week. I’m blown away by how easy the entire process was.” – Sam, entrepreneur in Arizona

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