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About Us

Taste the Future

At SweetRobo, we value innovation, sensible business and of course- fun. We’re industry pioneers in design and technology, bringing the exciting, unparalleled future of robotics to the present. We believe in the paradigm shift toward robotic automation, creating efficiency, unmatched precision and low operating costs for everyday business. We wanted to create a product that could give everyone a taste of our vision.

We sell fully-automated machines that create flawless on-demand treats with the push of a button, turning the simple process of dispensing crowd-pleasing sweets into a truly enchanting experience. Ever watched a robot prepare your cotton candy or ice cream? Anyone- young or old- will be dazzled seeing their favorite treats come to life through our robotic engineering, genius programming and pleasing, unique design

We’ve created a unique opportunity for the savvy entrepreneur seeking to add cutting-edge technology to their repertoire and deliver a playful, novel experience to their customers that they won’t find anywhere else. Businesspeople- particularly in the food, recreation and event industries- want to stay current and set themselves apart from their competitors, but may not yet have that “wow” factor that generates buzz. We’ve mastered the powers of automation and innovative design, eliminating the barriers associated with traditional food preparation and providing a truly modern take. Our machines can liven the atmosphere of just about any location or event– the possibilities are innumerable, and the future has never tasted so sweet.


About Us

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Meet Our Professional Team

Simon Peretz


Businessman and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in management, finance, logistics, and customer relations.


Avi Anidjar


Specialist in Mechanics, Robotics and Engineering. 3 years experience in IDF as a Project Manager.


Arousha Ashegh

VP of Sales

A seasoned leader with 15 years experience in management, customer satisfaction, business development, operations, sales strategy, recruitment, and developing sales training programs. A proven performer with effective strategies to increase revenue, profit, and market share.


Daniel Lai

Production Manager

An expert in mechanics with 30 years of business experience and 12 years of experience in robotics.

Amrom Rosenham

Head of Administrative

15 years of experience in logistics and 5 years of experience in business management.

Lisa Shirokova

Head of Designing

An expert in 3D designs and virtual environment with 6 years of machine design experience.

Grant Williams

Robotics and Software

A web application and software developer with a BS in Computer Science from Northeastern University focusing on web and software development.