Candy Monster

cotton candy vending machine for sale

Kids will be utterly enchanted by our Candy Monster, a vending machine that sells adorable little monster bags that need to eat their fill of candy, or else! Choose between 6 different monsters– all with different personalities and favorite candies– and select the ‘food’ they need (6 different mixed candies). Customers will have the option to purchase candy, alone (for when their monster is hungry and needs more), a new monster, or both. Kids will fall in love with their new monster bag and the delicious candy combinations inside– they’ll be sure to remind their parents when their monster is running out of food, too! Watch the dazzling process of dispensing candies from our futuristic tubes right into a fresh, sealed bag, ready to go for you and your monster’s consumption!

Our machines are designed to be fun and futuristic in appearance, but this is perhaps our most interactive design yet. Our top-notch team creates colorful, attractive designs that are guaranteed to pique the curiosity of whoever passes by. Perfect for malls, arcades, amusement parks, kid’s stores, restaurants and more– just about anywhere with high foot traffic! You’ll be delivering made-to-order specialty sweets to every customer with the same ease and convenience a traditional vending machine allows, only with us, you’ll also be delivering a truly captivating experience. Our machines are completely user-friendly, can be operated by anyone, and are equipped with the following features:


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Inventory Required

cotton vending machine

10 types of candy.

Fog Machine liquid.

vending machine cotton candy

6 types of Monster Bags.